Iran Bans Pokemon Go Over Security Concerns – Becomes The First Country To Do So




ran has turned into the principal nation to boycott Pokémon Go authoritatively because of non-particular “security concerns.” This choice was ruled by Iran’s High Council of Virtual Spaces – a legal body in charge of observing the nation’s online movement. Iran beforehand reached Pokémon Go’s designers at Niantic Inc. prior to the official boycott a week ago.

It is conceivable that an across the country boycott might not have been forced if the diversion’s designers suited Iran’s solicitation to 1-exchange a few information server in Iran and 2-bar a few areas from the amusement. Leader of the board Abolhasan Firouzabadi, told nearby news office:

“Any game that wants to operate nationwide in Iran needs to obtain permission from the ministry of culture and Islamic guidance, and the Pokémon Go app has not yet requested such a permission.”

While Iran has formally banned Pokémon Go, fretful fans in Korea, India and China are as yet sitting tight for the diversion to be dispatched in their nation. Do you play Pokémon Go? Do you think the security issues are truly a reason for concern? Tell us!

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