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pon arriving at the port of Tagbilaran City. This cafe would be the first to welcome you! This nice little place would make you fell better away from a long tiring trip. Most of tourist or backpackers usually drop by to this cafe. At the abutment road connecting to the port you can see at your left, when your facing away from the port Cafe Marina Bay sits there. So its really very accessible. Its along the road and you can get there just by walking when you arrive at the port in just 3 to 5 minutes.

Marina Bay Cafe Map

Location of Cafe Marina Bay, Tagbilaran City, Bohol

Bohol is known to be a haven not just to its proud locals but to many foreign nationals who found a home in God’s little island paradise.  The welcoming Tagbilaran City, unsurprisingly, has always become the nestle of different complimenting and oftentimes fusing cultures, a cultural exchange that has been there since the epiphany of history and is more obvious in some aspects, particularly food.  From menu choices to restaurants, Tagbilaran offers a taste of foreign in its humble local soil.

Marina Bay Cafe comes as a new addition to the thriving Bohol food business industry. Located at Pook Pantalan, the exquisite café offers Boholanos a taste of Korea in a more accessible location.  Its navy-themed façade alone is inviting and its interior is a showcase of sophistication.  Despite its modern elegance, guests are still treated to an authentic Korean experience, with food orders served on low, lacquered tables while guests are seated on the floor.  Others may opt for the regular tables and chairs found on the second floor.

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