The Chocolate Hills



he Chocolate Hills are likely Bohol’s most popular vacation spot. They look like mammoth mole slopes, or as some say, ladies’ bosoms, and help us to remember the slopes in a little kid’s drawing. A great many people who first see photos of this scene can scarcely trust that these slopes are not a man-made antiquity. Be that as it may, this thought is immediately deserted, as the exertion would doubtlessly surpass the development of the pyramids in Egypt.

The chocolate slopes comprise of are no under 1268 slopes (some claim this to be the accurate number). They are exceptionally uniform fit as a fiddle and generally somewhere around 30 and 50 meters high. They are secured with grass, which, toward the end of the dry season, turns chocolate cocoa. From this shading, the slopes determine their name. At different times, the slopes are green, and the affiliation might be somewhat hard to make.


Legend has it that the slopes appeared when two monsters tossed stones and sand at each other in a battle that went on for quite a long time. When they were at last depleted, they made companions and left the island, yet left behind the wreckage they made. For the all the more impractically slanted is the story of Arogo, a youthful and extremely solid goliath who experienced passionate feelings for a customary mortal young lady called Aloya. After she passed on, the goliath Arogo cried severely. His tears then transformed into slopes, as an enduring confirmation of his pain.


Be that as it may, up right up ’til the present time, even geologists have not achieved agreement on how they where framed. The most generally acknowledge hypothesis is that they are the weathered arrangements of a sort of marine limestone on top of an impermeable layer of mud. In the event that you climb the 214 stages to the highest point of the perception slope close to the perplexing, you can read this clarification on a bronze plaque.

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